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WPReformer is here to make you begin your journey of building and growing your online presence by providing you with our practical and direct to the point, yet simple and easy to understand tips and tricks on how to use and setup wordpress plugins in your wordpress sites with the right configurations and settings so that your website will run and load fast, smooth and without any errors. We also share guides and tutorial about optimizing and running wordpress sites.

Since on-page and off-page SEO is very important for a wordpress site, in here, you can also find simple and easy to understand SEO tips and tricks that will really help you in your online blogging journey.

So, let’s make it direct to the point. In this website, you can expect to find easy and simple How-to tutorials, tips and tricks about the following wordpress topics:

And since I want every viewers or users in this website to understand and know what they can expect from this, so I listed below all the tutorial topics that you can find in WPReformer.

  • WordPress plugins
  • WordPress SEO
  • Setting up wordpress website
  • Web Hosting and Domain name tips
  • Site Speed Optimization
  • Keyword research

So, if you are the one who is just planning to start out building your own website and you don’t know where to start with, what to start and how to start setting up and building your website in a fully optimized way that search engine will love, then this website is for you.

In here you’ll find best articles that talk about the right and best practices, tips and tricks on:

  • How to build your website.
  • What are the best wordpress plugins to use for your website.
  • How to setup wordpress plugins for your site the right way.
  • How to optimize your wordpress site with the right file caching and compression methods
  • How to make your website run and load faster.
  • What are the best and reliable webhosting services to choose from.
  • How to do keyword research.

Or if you are the one who already have a wordpress website and wanting to gain even more knowledge about worpress plugins and wordpress seo, WPReformer is still the right place for you to gain that knowledge.

Even if we already have some or many experiences in building wordpress website, still there are times we really need to know and learn about:

  • What are the best caching plugins compatible to our wordpress websites.
  • What are the difference among some important plugins with the same purpose and functionalities.
  • What are the right compression wordpress plugins to use to make our site run faster and smoother.
  • How to activate and run certain wordpress plugins with the right settings so that they will not affect or break the structure of our sites.
  • How to migrate our website from one hosting to another.
  • What are the right plugins to use and buy for our wordpres site.
  • And many many more questions we need to learn and know the answers.
  • And many many more.

As wordpress continues to evolve, wordpress plugins also continue to evolve and update. As a result, some wordpress plugins may no longer be compatible with your wordpress sites. Or maybe some plugin settings (like caching pugin settings) may no longer be working correctl on your site if not updated correctly. And maybe your webhosting service may no longer be compatible with the wordpress plugins you are using.

These are just some of the reasons why even many renowned experts in worpress SEO still need to search online to look for answers to the questions they don’t know the answers and to find out some wordpress tips and tricks that are still new to them in order that may gain additional knowledge and continue to improve in this career they pursue. Because the continues advancement, updates and innovation of wordpress together with wordpress plugins are unstoppable as time moves on.

So, in here, expect that you will come across certain topics that answer all the questions stated above. And they will give you even more knowledge and experience in continuously running your website the right way.

However, if by chance there are some wordpress topics that you find nothing in here, that only means we haven’t yet completely made articles pertaining to those certain topics. But we are always updating this site with new and fresh contents about wordpress plugins, seo, site optimization and many more topics about running wordpress websites.

Who Am I? The Man Behind WPReformer.com

My name is Richard Hans Aguilar, the man behind WPReformer. I am the one who has many experiences when it comes to wordpress plugins and worpress cms as a whole.

Even though many of my past experiences were just failures, these failures I experienced before are now turning into success because I’ve known and learned the best practices, the right path to pursue and the right things to do when it comes to setting up, developing and running wordpress websites. As a result, many of my wordpress sites are already succeeding online.

And also, the important thing is that, I know the things that should not be done and needed to be avoided in order to only pursue and do things that will contribute to the real success of running a wordpress site.

So, in here, you can expect that I will share everything I’ve learned when it comes to best practices in building up, working on, developing and running wordpress sites that will serve and help many people online who continuously search for information and answers to what they are looking for on search engines.

So, always check back for more interesting updates from WPReformer.com

Special Thanks to Michell Aguilar

Michell Aguilar is a key member of our WPReformer team, and her impact is undeniable. As a skilled researcher and talented content writer, Michell has been instrumental in guiding our content strategy. Her diligent research efforts have resulted in a wealth of captivating article topics that have inspired our team’s writing.

Her keen eye for detail and creative approach to crafting engaging content have helped us establish WPReformer as a trusted source of information in the WordPress community. With her passion for writing, Michell brings a unique perspective to our website’s content, providing valuable insights and expertise to our readers.

Her unwavering dedication to excellence and unwavering support make her an invaluable asset to our team, and we are grateful for her contributions in making WPReformer a success.