How to Add Spell Checker To Your Wordpress Site

Do you want to add spell checker to your wordpress site? Do you want an automatic spell checker to work right away while you are typing words into your wordpress site editor? Adding a spell checker to your wordpress site is very easy using a free wordpress plugin that I’m going to discuss in this post.

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Remember that your site’s page views come from real visitors or readers who just stumbled upon your site to look for and read the information you have available on your site for them to read.

But don’t let them be discouraged to read your blog post or the information you have provided for them just because of the misspelled words they might see on your wordpress site.

Of course, being the one behind the website you presented for visitors, you should make sure that all the words you input to your wordpress site are correctly spell because it can also affect its readability and at the same time it affects your reputation and professionalism as a webmaster of your own site.

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The good thing is, nowadays, it’s really very easy to have an automatic spell checker working on your wordpress site. It will automatically work for you even while you are on a gutenberg block editor editing your post or adding a new one.

Steps To Add Spell Checker To Your WordPress Site

So here is what you need to do to add or install spell checker plugin to your wordpress site. You need to download and install a wordpress plugin called Wproofreader to your wordpress site. The good thing here is that, it doesn’t cost you anything since it’s totally free. You can download Wproofreader directly from the wordpress repository.

So here is what you need to do:

  • Head over to the Plugin Section by clicking plugin on the left-hand side of your wordpress admin dashboard.
  • Then click on Add New so that you can start adding a new wordpress plugin.
  • Go ahead and search for “Wproofreader” in the plugin search box.
  • Then install and activate Wproofreader which is the one like in the image below:
Wproofreader Spell Checker WordPress Plugin
  • That’s all you need to do. You are done already.
  • But to make sure that all the needed features of this wordpress plugin will work, you can also check if all of them are enabled in the Wproofreader wordpress plugin section
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Check To Enable Wproofreader Spell Checker Features

To make sure that all of the features of this wordpress plugin are enabled, here below is what you need to do:

  • Go to Setting and click on Wproofreader.
  • Make sure that all the radio boxes which stand for Check Posts, Check Pages, Check Categories, Check Tags
  • Actually, radio boxes I mentioned above are already enabled or checked by default upon the installation of this wordpress plugin.
  • But of course, we always need to double check just to make sure everything is good to go.
  • Just look at the image below as a guide:
Spell Checker Plugin

Once all the required radio boxes above are enabled and all the settings are correctly configured, this wordpress plugin will start working for you right away when you begin to add new contents to your wordpress site.

This Is How Wproofreader Spell Checker Work

Take a look at the image below for you to see how this wordpress plugin works automatically while you are in the wordpress editor page:

If the the paragraph blocks or any text editing blocks contain correct spelling, this spell checker wordpress plugin will display an orange colored circle box with check mark in it. Look at below image.

Spell Checker WordPress Plugin

But if the paragraph or any text editing blocks contain misspelled words, this wordpress plugin will highlight those misspelled words plus it will show how many of them are present in the block or blocks by showing you its detected number of incorrectly spelled words on the block’s right side. Look at the image below:

Spell Check In Word - WordPress Plugin

For you to correct those misspelled words, you only need to hover over those words and the spell checker plugin will show you a dropdown of the available correctly spelled words that correspond to the misspelled ones you hovered over. See the image below:

Wordpress Editor Spell Checker

So, that’s how easy it is to automatically detect and correct all the misspelled words in your wordpress editing dashboard. Wproofreader wordpress plugin will automatically detect those misspelled words from directly inside the wordpress editor of your choice.

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That concludes this article about “How to Add Spell Checker To Your WordPress Site For Free”. So what about you, have you used any spell checker wordpress plugin other than this one? Please leave your comment via the comment section below.

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