How To Upload Large Size Plugins

If you are like me before who tried uploading large size wordpress plugins but unfortunately were not able to do so, then this article is for you. In this post you will learn exactly how to upload large size plugins into your wordpress site even without modifying anything in your site codes or in your cpanel.

What’s good about this tip I’m going to show in here is that, there is no need for you to change or modify your wordpress codes. There is even no need for you to go to your cpanel to change you php.ini limits just to upload large size plugins. Even contacting your web hosting provider is not even necessary at all.

But before revealing the right way of uploading large size plugins. There is something I need to show you. You can find a lot of wordpress plugins in the wordpress repository which tells you that, once you install and activate their plugins, you will be able to upload large size plugins.

However, I tried many of them but unfortunately, I still was unsuccessful in uploading large size plugins into my wordpress site. In fact, I will show you some of these plugins tried but did not work. Just a disclaimer, I am not showing these plugins in here to put the developers in shame or to degrade the popularity of the plugins. I am just writing my own experience and I just want to tell the truth.

Plugins For Increasing Upload Limits I Tried But Didn’t Work

Though these plugins I mentioned in here did not work on my end, it’s not necessarily that they won’t work on your end. Who knows.

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1. Increase Maximum Upload File Size

Increase Maximum Upload File Size

After activating the plugin above you have the option to go to its interface settings to set you desired upload limits. However, in the plugin settings you will also find a message telling you that It’s NOT POSSIBLE to increase the hosting defined upload limit from a plugin. See below image.

Upload Large Size Plugins - Increase Maximum Upload File Size

However, after setting up my desired maximum upload file size in this plugin settings, I then tried to upload large size plugins. Actually it’s not too large. Just to be specific, I tried uploading elementor plugin which is the free version. The file size of elementor when downloaded to your computer is only about 4.8MB or 5MB.

During the process of uploading elementor plugin to my wordpress site, I encountered an error saying that the file exceeds the upload max limit. Like the one below.

Uploaded File Exceeds Maximum Upload Limits

2. WP Maximum Upload File Size

WP Maximum Upload File Size

Because of what I experienced with the plugin in the number 1 list above, I tried installing WP Maximum Upload File Size to see if this plugin would do any good for me.

After activating the plugin, I right away head over to its settings to set my desired maximum upload limit. However, I also found a message saying the same thing as what the plugin in the number one showed to me. See below:

WP Maximum Upload File Size - Upload Large Size Plugins

So, I again tried uploading and installing large size plugins one at a time. One of them is the same file which is elementor with a file size of 4.8 to 5MB. But still at first attempt, I got the same error message showing that the uploaded file exceeds maximum file size. So this plugin is also not a solution at all.

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3. WP Upload Size

WP Upload Size - Upload Large Size Plugins

Because of what happened, I proceeded to trying WP Upload Size to see if this plugin can do any better than the previous ones. This plugin is different from the other two above, because you yourself need to type in your desired maximum upload limits in bytes. See below:

WP Upload Size upload limits

So, after setting my desired upload limits, I right away uploaded the same file I tried uploading and installing before. But still to no luck, I ended up with the same error message.

Uploaded File Size Exceeds Limits

So, above are the wordpress plugins I used with said features of enabling you to upload large size plugins or files. But, in reality, based on my own experience, all of them above are not what each developer say they are based on the description of each one of them.

Upload Larger Plugins – The Plugin That Truly Works

The wordpress plugin named Upload Larger Plugins by David Anderson is the only one that really works. When I first saw this plugin in its repository page in wordpress I noticed that its page itself is not convincing. There is no banner designs. The plugin thumbnail is just very ordinary to look. But when I started using it I saw that this one really worked.

Here the plugin below:

Upload Larger Plugins

How Does Upload Larger Plugins Work

To make this plugin work for you, the steps you need to follow are very easy.

  • You only need to search for the plugin which is Upload Larger Plugins in your wordpress plugin section.
  • Once you find the plugin, you only need to install and activate it.
  • Once the plugin is activated then you are ready to go. That’s the time you will be able to upload large size plugins in your wordpress site.
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By the time you activated the plugin that’s the time you can then be able to right away upload large size plugins into your wordpress site. The plugin has no interface dashboard or whatsoever

After installing and activating the plugin, you will notice that when you go to the plugin section where you can upload plugins, the only noticeable difference you will see is the visible yellow-orange colored upload progress bar showing you that the upload is in progress. See below:

Upload Larger Plugins Processing Uploads
Large size plugin successfully uploaded

As what you can see in the image above, I uploaded elementor which is the free version with a file size of 4.8MB. I also tried uploading plugins larger than 5 mb and it worked without any error message. So, if this one has worked for me, I’m sure it will work for you as well. This is the only one I found that has really worked for me.


After spending so much time searching for plugins that makes me able to upload large size plugins, I saw that Upload Larger Plugins is the only one that works. At the time of writing this article, I see no other plugins in wordpress repository that has the functionality and feature like Upload Larger Plugins offers. This one really helped me a lot.

That’s all there is to it about uploading large size plugins. If you found this post useful, informative and wonderful, please share this with other people in social media.

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