Create Table of Contents For Your Wordpress Site

Do you know that you can create table of contents for your wordpress site easily and automatically? Even beginners can do this in just a few minutes. So, in this article, I’ll show you how to create table of contents for your wordpress site the easiest way and for free.

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How To Create Table Of Contents

For you to create table of contents for your wordpress site easily without dealing with codes, we are going to use a wordpress plugin called “Easy Table of Contents”.

So, for you to do that, just head over to plugin section of your wordpress dashboard and click add new.

In the search box, type in easy table of contents.

How To Create Table Of Contents

Once you find the plugin Easy Table of Contents, go ahead and click install and activate the plugin.

Create Table Of Contents

Once, it’s activated, your wordpress site is ready to have a beautiful table of contents.

Now here in my example below, my post has no table of content on it. But after enabling the easy table of contents wordpress plugin, this will have a good-looking table of content on it in a few short whiles.

How To Add Table Of Contents

Adding Table of Contents Using Easy Table Of Contents WordPress Plugin

So, for us to complete the adding of table of contents to our post, the final steps we need to do is to head over to the Easy Table of Content plugin section itself.

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To do this, just head over to settings and click on Easy Table of Contents.

Table Of Contents

Once you are in the plugin interface section, you are now free to manger it’s general setting.

The best thing you need to do is to enable support for posts and pages by checking its corresponding boxes. You also need to enable auto insert for post and pages like the ones I did below:

Wordpress Table Of Contents Plugin

Then the next step to do is to decide where you want the table of contents to be positioned in your post.

  • If you would like the table of contents to appear before the first heading then choose “Before first heading.
  • If you want it to be after the first heading, the choose to enable “After first heading”
  • If you want it to be on top of your post then choose “Top”
  • If you want it to appear at the bottom, then choose “Bottom”. Just Look at the image below:
Easy Table Of Contents

You also have the flexibility of automatically enabling or disabling this table of content plugin according to your desire of depending on how many headings available on the page or post.

Like for instance, if your post only has 3 headings on it and you want the table of contents to only appear on posts which has four headings or more, you can do it so by putting your desired number of headings in the SHOW WHEN box like the one in the image below:

Wordpress Table Of Contents Plugin To Freely Use

Also, don’t forget to enable show header text above the table of contents, put a table label and enable the toggle view. Like what is shown in the image above.

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And also, since you want to show table of contents on your post or pages, do not the initial view mode, just leave it unchecked. By default, decimal is enabled in the counter option and the smooth scrolling is checked already. Leave them as they are because that what they should be for this wordpress plugin.

Table Of Contents Creator WordPress Plugin

Designing Your Table Of Contents

What you need to do next is if you want, you can change the appearance of your table of contents. You have the option to adjust the height and width, you can also change the size of its font or you can do whatever you want under the appearance section of this plugin like what is shown below:

Table Of Contents In WordPress
Wordpress Blog Table Of Contents

Advanced Settings – Easy Table of Contents WordPress Plugin

Here is now the important part. In the advance setting, be sure to enable the headings by making sure that the boxes corresponding to all the headings you want to appear in the table of contents in your posts and pages are marked checked:

How To Create Table Of Contents Easily

In the example above, I just disable the headings 6 by unchecking the box corresponding to it because I seldom use heading 6 or not at all in all of my post. But if you are using heading 6, of course, you need to make sure that the box corresponding to it is marked check.

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The rest of the available settings are just ok, you can leave them as what they are in the default state. Most of the settings in the default will work for most wordpress sites so leave them as default.

So, the final step is for you to scroll down and click on save changes. After you do that, right away you will be able to see a new table of contents already appearing in each of your posts or pages according t how to have set it in the plugin settings. Look at my example below:

Create Table Of Contents Automatically For WordPress

The table of content above is just my example. That’s what your table of content will be like if you just use the default settings. But if you change its theme color, font size and settings that are available on the Easy Table of Contents plugin, I can say that yours will be more beautiful than what I have in the example above.

So, do whatever you like with this wordpress plugin. Optimize your table of contents to the fullest. And lastly, the good thing about this plugin is that it’s totally free. You can download it from the wordpres repository or you can just click here to download easy table of contents wordpress plugin.

And that concludes this article about how to create table of contents automatically and easily for your wordpress sites. Now, it’s your turn to create a good table of contents for your wordpress site.

If you have any suggestions or if you have experienced using any kind of wordpress plugins that can create table of contents for wordpress which is better than this one I’ve shown above, please let me know in the comment below.

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